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Where every project presents its challenges, we search for the details that make the difference, looking ahead to solutions that will create title-winning performances.

We see every development as an opportunity to invest in the future of the sport, helping to form lasting legacies that raise the game.

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Sports Consultancy

At Tier1 Sports, we specialise in elevating the sports industry through comprehensive consultancy services. From the initial setup of a club to the day-to-day operations management, we are dedicated to maximising your opportunities.
Our expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including procurement, securing lucrative kit and land deals, and enhancing the commercial and hospitality aspects of sports clubs. We understand the importance of forward-thinking strategies to ensure sustainable growth and success for your sporting endeavours.

Financing & Funding

When it comes to developing sports facilities, there’s a myriad of finance and funding options available to explore. Our team specialises in collaborating with commercial funding partners and organisations to provide comprehensive assistance with all your financing needs.
Whether it’s navigating government grants, securing sponsorships, or exploring partnership opportunities, we are committed to guiding you through the diverse landscape of financing and funding for sports developments.

Planning Applications

Building on 30 years’ experience in sports & construction, Tier1 Sports can help sports clubs apply and obtain planning permission for new and/or enhanced sports facilities. 

Our highly experienced on-site sports team will develop conceptual designs into detailed and informed technical drawings, ready for planning and construction.

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Digital Sports Marketing

At Tier1 Sports, we understand the importance of enhancing the marketing strategies of sports clubs to drive engagement and elevate their brand presence. Our tailored approach encompasses digital marketing, social media strategies, and fan engagement tactics to ensure that your club captures the attention of a wider audience. Whether it’s optimising ticket sales, merchandise promotions, or leveraging sponsorships, our expertise can help propel your sports club to new heights. Find out more

Maintaining Sport Facilities

We utilise the latest technologies and techniques to maximise the performance, safety and lifespan of all our sports facilities. 
As well as providing expert maintenance, we’re able to source equipment and provide training for your in-house teams, on how best to maintain your sports facilities.

Smart Energy

Our smart energy consultant, Centric Energy, can help you save big with a FREE survey of your lighting and energy consumption. 
With their expertise, we’ll discover how reducing costs and minimising carbon output is part of the equation for greater efficiency in the future. To learn more about smart energy please contact us.

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